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What could be better than cash? More cash of course!

Interested? Read on …

Many homeowners would like to sell and just get a fair price without all the hassles associated with listing with a Realtor:

  • Finding the right agent
  • Cleaning up the yard and exterior for sale
  • Having “lookers” running through the house
  • Receiving low ball offers
  • Cleaning up before every showing
  • Having to leave for hours during open houses

Or perhaps your mortgage is high and you are unable to sell through traditional means without taking money to the closing table.


In either case, if you own a “Pretty” house that is in average to excellent condition and you do not need a quick cash payment, we can buy your house for much more than an all cash purchase!!

We have two basic programs designed to help you put more money in your pocket or to sell your underwater house:

1) Sell your house on a lease-option

2) Receive monthly payments for your equity

Please do not prejudge whether we can or can not buy your house. Many times sellers are amazed when we show them what we can do for them! There are many variations and possibilities in additon to the above mentioned solutions. So,  fill out the quick form below and we will get back to you A.S.A.P. to discuss how we can buy your house. Or just give us a call right now at 610-200-5544


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Thinking About Selling Your House?

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION! We can buy your house many ways and you will not pay any commissions, agents, or fees. Put your address and email below and answer 5 easy questions on the next page to get an offer in 24 hours or less after we visit your house!
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