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Investing In Real Estate

We have put together some basic information for you about investing in real estate as an attractive alternative to traditional methods.

Are You Expecting Social Security to Be Enough?

Can I invest in real estate with my IRA?

All you wanted to know about Growing Your Wealth Tax free.

A rather technical but very informative explanation on Self Directed IRA Rules and Regulations_Final.

Websites of three custodians for IRA’s:

  1. Guidant Financial
  2. Equity Trust
  3. Entrust

If you have money in the stock market, CD’s, savings acounts, IRA’s, pention plans, or any other investments and you are not satisfied with your returns… then we should talk.

We often borrow funds from private investors to purchase, fix and then resell single family houses.We do this by giving the investor a private mortgage (usually a first mortgage, but sometimes a second) on the properties we are buying.

Once we have purchased the property and give you a mortgage (this is all handled by a closing attorney/agent), you will receive an interest only paymentevery month for the life of mortgage.

NOTE: We borrow directly, we do not broker loans. When we borrow money to create a loan, we are the borrowers and you are the lender in first or second position on ONE real estate transaction at a time.

We are always buying houses, so if you the like high, safe returns (who wouldn’t), you can continue to lend to us, and we can keep your money at work for as long as you like.

Please call us at 610-410-5060 to talk more about this opportunity, or simply complete the form below and we will contact you ASAP.

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