Success with Cyndy and Tom

Coaching Program


Are you looking to fire your boss or go to the next level? It is time to take the challenge and make your first deal. Investors love to work with Cyndy and Tom because they will give you the confidence, show you how to write contacts and get the checks! Their mission is to make successful real estate investors one deal at a time!


We offer a no frills, no fluff coaching program … just the necessary tools, techniques and support you need to make you succeed!!


Lets start out looking at you…


Are any of the following holding you back from starting in real estate investing or just getting to the next level?


    • Fear?
    • Lack of Money to buy Houses?
    • Lack of Knowledge?
    • Afraid someone will say “yes” to sell their house and you are not sure what to do next? Or what to say?
    • Lack of money for high priced real estate book camps?
    • Overwhelmed and do not know where to start?
    • Lack of Accountability…..or you just procrastinate?
    • You just want someone to help you get started and be successful?

 How to Apply

If you answered “yes” to any on the above then this could be a life changing moment for you!  I started investing in real estate over 20 years ago and I remember the exact moment when I decided that I am going to do this and be successful!

Now a Little about Tom and Cyndy

Cyndy Buys Houses is a division of Insured Home Buyers LLC and is owned  by Tom and Cyndy Dumire. Cyndy has been volunteering in various local organizations for many years including Easter Seals, Plumstead Christian School, 4-H, the Quakertown Park Board and currently for Real Youth youth group and Life Path. Tom owned and operated Dumire Electric serving the Bucks and Montgomery counties from 1981 to 2010 and now serves for DIG investor group in Fort Washington and for Mornning Star Fellowship in Quakertown.

 They started investing in real estate the traditional way – find a Realtor – find a property- get a mortgage – find and tenant and collect rent.  Well, those years are gone (thank goodness!!). Cyndy decided to see if this “really” works and went out to a house, filled out the contract and purchased the home subject to. She then did a minor rehab (using someone else’s money) and sold the home. That first deal Cyndy made over $110,000 and convinced Tom to sell the family’s electrical contracting business to start working with her in the real estate business (trust me it was not that hard to convince Tom!). Since that first deal  Cyndy and Tom purchased many rentals, became an expert in lease option properties,  mastered the ACTS program, wholesale properties, loves subject to’s and learned  to take control of a property without ownership.

The have become know in the real estate circles as the “power couple of real estate” and now teach others how to become rich in real estate. Making Millionaires one deal at a time!

We are NOT selling courses but showing you how to do deals and make money in real estate.

 How to Apply

Depending on the level of coaching you choose here are just somethings you will master:

•     Wholesaling (flipping properties to other investors) from start to finish

•     Buying houses subject to (never having to qualify for a bank loan)

•     Selling Houses rent to own (Lease Options- Lease purchases)

•     Buying pre-foreclosures – prior to being foreclosed and dealing with the owners

•     Buy foreclosures after they get foreclosed on

•     How to work with Realtors, Title Companies, Attorneys, Evictions etc

•     Getting your system up and running (websites: buying and selling – just for your market) phone systems, direct mail, and how to get it to run on autopilot

•     Pull sellers lists and get your mail campaign started – what to say and what not to say

•     We will show you how to talk to buyers, sellers and how to get the contract signed.

•     Get a solid marketing plan including, direct mail and social media up and running so you phone will ring in two weeks.

•     Show you our system and how we run our business – we are not holding anything back – Soup to nuts

•     Access to a no document loan up to $150,000

•     Goal sheets – Property Lead Sheets – Paperwork

How to Apply

We walk you through the deals showing you step by step (you even get my cell phone – scarey huh)

We are always working on testing and developing new marketing techniques and you will be this first to know what is working in today’s market (and they do change a lot – Let just say Cyndy thinks out of the box).

You will be talking to us weekly and when you need us so you can do the deals and get the checks! (The first check – the shut up check is the best)

Listen to what one of the students said…..
“Cyndy gives you so much information it is like drinking water from a fire hose”

There is a limited amount of spaces available because we also are very active real estate investors doing deals. We are on the cutting edge of investing and keep you on top of the new methods on marketing or buying properties.

We want people that are serious, who want to make money and are ready to start or move on to the next level!

How to Apply

(Serious Inquires Only, Please)

  1. Fill Out the Application
  2. Cyndy or Tom will call you for a free, no obligation consultation to see if you think we are a good fit 🙂
  3. We will discuss how to customize a plan suited to meet your needs. We have programs ranging from $500 – $8,000. You decide what is best for you to accomplish your goals.

Remember there are only a limited amount of spaces for students – I keep the group small so you can have access to us personally. So, if you are interested and are ready to move to the next level …

 Fill Out the Form at the Right to Start Now!