Did you ever ask yourself…  How did that investor find that        seller??? How does he get all the good deals??? 

  Well here is the answer ……….   


You Can Dominate Your Market Having Buyers And Sellers Contacting You. No more calling dead or unmotivated buyer/seller leads.

(I hate doing that)




We use Facebook, Craigslist, LinkedIn, SEO, Videos, Back Links, Pinterest, keywords plus more ……. and target your marketing area!  Our “Ninja” method will most likely  have you rank first page on Google in days!!


You will dominate your market – that means

Buyers and Sellers calling you!!  (I love that!!!!!!!)


Here is my story……. In my area there are investors mailing 5,000 letters a month, bandit signs everywhere, investors are  competing for the same sellers, to top that  Realtors stopped us from running ads in the local newspaper (they did not like the competition)  -so I got mad…. really mad….  really really mad….. and I had to think out of the box. 


I found a way to get all the buyer and seller leads I could handle – plus by accident I got on Google first page – what a bonus — a lot of times more than once on a page) and dominated my market. While other investors were marketing, doing mailings, hanging signs, fighting for leads, and over paying for properties (even bidding wars)….. sellers and buyers were calling me!!  (no competition..he he)


Think about this…..No mailings, no bandit signs, fresh leads,  and they are contacting you….. 


A successful marketing budget can run $2500 – $5000 a month- Guess what I spend a month?? $50.00 – plus on first page of Google – how cool is that!!


This is a step by step program and you can see results as little as three hours…. (you are going to love me….)


I forgot to mention- we are also getting private money leads- yesterday I received and email from a gentleman that wanted to invest in real estate. Tom is putting the paperwork together as I am writing this… He wants long term and short term.. first time he has ever invested… why me???  How did he find me??  Leads in 3 Hours 🙂  Because everything I do with marketing ties together and creates, creditability, branding, to bring in leads – dominating the market into a neat little package – even on LinkedIn!!!



Cyndy’s Tip …… It is very important to lay a

solid foundation for your business and each area

has to be done in a special order for maximized results.



We will show you step by step (even if you just learned to turn on the computer) you  will be working on branding you company, posting on Facebook (post that target and get awesome results), develop you craigslist campaign, create credibility, establish your profile on LinkedIn to attract private money, work your way on top of Google in various markets, use visual content to market you for maximum impact, promote your properties, bring in buyers and sellers and most of all have you dominate your market!!


Shhh….. We are also  developing a program to market to your competition without them even  knowing…… (I  know but it works – make sure you are the one marketing you competition and they are not marketing your clients…. 🙂




Here are a couple of real examples……







You must start using Leads in 3 Hours now or your competition will…… you need to be the first in your area….One lead pays for the course……..less than one mailing……


I did not start out to write a course… it happened by accident…. and no one else is doing this….. since I am not a computer geek it is written in plain everyday language.   A student who had no computer experience has  mastered this program….


Did I mention I wrote an article on lease options???? – and guess what??  It was picked up by 800 plus newspapers, TV stations and news stations. (Even in Hawaii – LOL – now that is out of the box thinking. ) free advertising……. (can’t beat that with a stick 🙂 We will show you how!



It is Working!!! Leads started coming in from Craigs’ list after the first posting. You’ve named your course incorrectly… It should be  Leads in Less than 3 Hours. People are actually going to the website from Craigs’s list pages and FILLING OUT the forms! We knew it would work (because you told us it would) but seeing it happen is really exciting….

-Becky and Jerry




Sooo Glad I Didn’t Wait! I am on the first page of Google – so very grateful that I purchased the program and beat out my competition. The early bird gets the worm and I am knocked out all my competitors!! 
Thank you so much, Bobbi 


Ok… I know, I know, you want to know …what do I get and what does it cost???


One awesome printed manual with easy step by step instructions with illustrations


Weekly group phone calls for 10 weeks to get you up and running as quickly as possible


A resource disk with many goodies for you to use – sample ads, 150+ images, charts etc


   We will show you how to run this on Auto Pilot


  Constant updates via weekly phone call so you are always on the cutting edge


I know you want to start today  (ok, yesterday) … so you will also get the link to our website as soon as you sign up …. that means you can have leads as soon as tonight !!!!!! 


 All this for only $1997 

I know what you are thinking, “Another Course??” But consider this: For a one time payment, you will have a lifetime of leads for little or no money.


  • No more mailings
  • No more expensive ad campaigns
  • No more bandit signs
  • No more failed short sales
  • No more running ragged generating leads


So, what do YOU think ….??    It’s a steal, yes???


Go ahead, I know you need this system and you want it, click the little yellow box below NOW and get a jump start on your competition!


Still not sure, call 267-404-6677 and talk to a real person for more info. We will not “Sell” you, just answer your questions.